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Welcome to the epitome of elegance and enchantment, where dreams come to life through exquisite event and wedding décor. Step into the realm of Baja Luna, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Los Cabos, Baja California.

Theme: Trends Designs

Color: Kaleidoscopic


Join us on an exploration of sheer beauty as we unveil a mesmerizing tableau: a grand white table adorned with transparent Napoleon acrylic chairs, a spectrum of pastel Talavera plates in hues of green, yellow, pink, and blue, and a symphony of glassware and textiles that create an atmosphere of pure opulence. The transparent Napoleon acrylic chairs, like ethereal visions, offer a modern touch Our rectangular white table becomes an artful canvas with the collection of Talavera plates. Shades of serene green, radiant yellow, delicate pink, and tranquil blue merge seamlessly, creating a pastel rainbow that evokes a sense of wonder. Complementing the array of plates are the graceful glassware and hand-blown glass pieces